About Me

Hi, my name is Juanjie Li and you can just call me Emily. I am an international student from China, Shanghai in UCSB. I am 18 years old and this is my first year in university.

My Study

I am majored in Actuarial Science and I may become an actuary or a counselor in the future. I am also considering taking a second major. But things are hard in university; I still need to do everything step by step.

Other Info About Me


I like eating; and I enjoy making delicious food for myself.


I learnt Chinese traditional dance when I was a kid, and after I grown up, I enjoy jazz dance.


I like ice-skating, although I can not do spining in the air.


I like swimming, especially when I am playing with my friends.


I love cats.


I like dogs, too. But not as much as cats.


I like listening to music, whenever I am free.


I like korean culture: food, tv shows, celebrities...


I like traveling. It makes me calm.


I like Konghou; it is a beautiful music instrument.

Computer Science

I start to like computer science, maybe only limited to easy computing. It is somewhat fun.

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